Monday, May 23, 2011

The Nice Game

Dad taught me a new game and I’m really good at it. The game is called the nice game. Here is how it works; Dad says ‘nice’ and gives me a treat. There are some other things that happen too, but THAT, is my favorite part. Dad gets really excited when he tells me nice and that makes my brother Cruiser come downstairs and play the nice game with us.  Cruiser’s version of the game is different than my version. I have to go to my blanket, lie down in the middle and not chase the cat along the way. Cruiser just sits in front of Dad to get his treat. Dad says it is the best that he can expect from Cruiser.

Silvana playing the "nice game"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Goodbye Kyle

The first guide dog puppy I met here in Utah, other than my sister Julimae, was Kyle. Kyle came to my house the day after I came to Utah and we played and played for a long time that day.  Mom and Dad told me that Kyle had to go back for his formal training and that I wouldn’t get to see him anymore.  It made me sad to know that I wouldn’t get to see him or play with him anymore. But I also know that Kyle is going to be a great guide and will be happy being someone’s eyes.
Kyle giving Mitch a hug

Monday, May 9, 2011

Catching Up

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile, I was grounded from the computer because of my online shopping addiction. Speaking of which, I have $5000 worth of dog toys for sell. One or two are Guide Dog approved. Now that I can use the computer, I need to catch up with everything that has happened.
Mitch got something called a drivers license the other day. The whole family was excited and to celebrate, Mitch took me on a ride to the school.  I am quite fond of Mitch and I like spending time with him. I hope he will take me to school next year.
Puppy Meeting at Dinosaur Museum
We went to a place called Thanksgiving Point for our puppy meeting. I really liked it there. They had these really big, tall things called dinosaurs. All that were left of the dinosaurs were the bones. They were kind of scary but they sure looked tasty. I tried to bring one home but it wouldn’t fit in the car.
Silvana at Thanksgiving Point
Puppy Trade
I had my first puppy trade. I got to go to Lacole’s house and play with her family. I got to play with Kate and Maddie and I got to go to work with Brenda and I just had a good time. Brenda and I had MANY discussions about why puppies shouldn't have Dr. Pepper. That still didn't stop me from trying to taste it. When I got home, I told Julimae all about how I got to taste Dr. Pepper. Julimae told me that Dad's Boss, Terri, let her lick her coffee cup and she was up all morning running in circles. I do that anyway but I bet I can go faster on coffee. Julimae said that Dad wasn't happy about Terri letting her lick the cup but Terri said that they were just sharing.

Discovery Academy
We had a really fun puppy meeting at Discovery Academy. Discovery Academy is a therapeutic boarding school, whatever that means. I just know that it was full of kids that wanted to play with me and pet me and love on me. It was so much fun; I loved every minute of it. I had so many belly rubs and kisses and hugs to last a lifetime. What a great way to celebrate my 5 month birthday.
After the meeting, I got to go with Dad and help pick out something special for Mom because it was mother’s day. It was a big deal and I took my time, I wanted everyone to be proud of what I picked out, Mom especially. There were people all around watching me work. I finally decided on a nice rose bush and nudged it with my nose to tell Dad that I had made my decision. Dad agreed with me and we put it in the cart. I walked with my head held high as we went to pay for Mom’s gift. Everyone was also really impressed with how well behaved I was in the store too.
Silvana and student from Discovery Academy