Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guide Cows for the Blind

WOW!!! What a fun morning. Today I learned about something called Halloween. Halloween is where you get dressed in a costume and people tell you how cute you are. Not to brag, but we usually get that everyday as we are out doing our jobs. Today we had everyone in the mall making comments about us and wanting to come over and meet us.

It all started a week ago when Dad and I went to the store and he picked out a costume for me. He wanted a lizard costume but they didn't have one. I didn't really know what to think about it when he put it on me. My costume was white with black spots and it had horns, floppy ears, a long tail and something that went under my belly. Dad said I was udderly adorable but I didn't know what he was talking about. I was uncomfortable in it and it fit kind of funny on me and it just made me look miserable. The days passed and I never saw it again. I thought I was finished with it until this morning when Dad asked if I was ready to go to the puppy meeting. I'm always ready for that. Dad got my jacket and my leash and then picked up my costume...oh noooo. What's going on Dad?

We got to the mall and got out of the car. Dad put my costume on and then put my jacket on over top and it seemed to fit a little better but I still felt a little embarrassed by it. Once we got into the mall we saw Rio and Athens and they were dressed too and my embarrassment went away. Kind of. As we were waiting for the other puppies to arrive we started to attract attention. I heard someone say "look at the cute little guide cow". I suddenly felt a lot better because they still recognize that I will someday be a guide.

We started our walk through the mall and traffic came to a standstill. EVERYONE came out into the hallway and watch the progression of cute guide dogs dressed for Halloween. There was Rio, the ruff biker; Mozart who is a little devil; the beautiful fairy Lacole; the hot dog Athens and me... the guide cow.



 Training Update: Julimae is in Phase 4. Antigua is in Phase 3. Snickers is in Phase 0 and Jacinda has been career changed and placed in a nice home.
The big new is that Clyde is in class and will graduate next week.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome New Puppies

We have two new puppies in our club! They are from California, the same place where I was born, and they are sisters. Their names are Orleans and Onessa and they are golden/lab crosses. I haven't met them yet but, just like ALL guide dog puppies, they sure are cute.


Training update: Julimae and Jacinda are in phase 2. Antigua is in phase 1 and Clyde is in phase 8. Way to go Clyde!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Internal Clock

I'm really good at telling time. I always know when it is breakfast time or dinner time.

Training update: Julimae, Jacinda, Antigua are in phase 0...still. I wish they could come home. Clyde Phase 6. Kyle will have a different career. Sorry Kyle.