Thursday, May 3, 2012


Now that I’ve graduated from three schools out here, I will be going to Guide Dog College on May 7th to get my masters degree in Guideology. I’ll be going with two friends from the puppy club, Rio and Athens.

I hope to follow in the paw prints of my big sister Julimae and my big brother Meade. I wouldn’t mind being a mommy either. I think I would be a good mommy and I’ve already had a lot of practice taking care of my little sister Sharla. I know my family will have fun helping me pick out names for my pups.

Dad has already told me not to be afraid of being away from the house because there are only three things that can happen. I can become someone’s eyes, I can be a mommy or I can come back to a family that loves me.

House Arrest

Wow, I’ve been very bad about posting. I’m going to have to do a big update to make up for it but there isn’t much to tell. After being sick last month, I tried to catch up on everything that I had going on in life but I had to take another month off because I was under house arrest.

House arrest isn’t very fun. I could only go out in the back yard, couldn’t go to puppy meetings and I couldn’t go to school or shopping with Mom and Dad. I spent most of the day watching animal planet.
Plus, I had to spend the whole day in a diaper, or as mom and dad called it, my Daisy Dukes. On me… they worked, even though it was hard to wag. I guess that is what dad meant by having good jeans.

I also had to catch up on all of my class work and study real hard for finals. I think I did great on my finals but I don’t know about mom and dad. It must have been pretty tough on them without me being there to give them the answers.