Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My First Outing

I got to go out in public today! It was soooo much fun. First I had to get dressed so Dad selected an adorable green jacket for me to wear. Then we all got into the car and went to Coffee Creations, it is kind of a tradition because Mom knows the owner and all of the other guide dog puppies went there on their first outing. The ride to the shop was really neat because I got to ride with Julimae in the back of the car. Once we got to the shop I got to see Kyle, Rio and Snickers again. We were all wearing the same jacket and we all looked really good. We went in and I got to meet Cindy. I really loved the smell of the shop but I didn't like the slick floors, I fell down a few times because my paws slipped. Everyone thought that was funny. We then posed for pictures, but we just wanted to play once we were all together in a group so the pictures aren't that great.
Silvana and Cindy at the Coffee Shop

Next we all went to the puppy meeting and I got to meet more guide dog puppies. There was Clyde, Breeze, Keiko and Paris who is a career change dog. Mom ran the meeting and she wanted to work on toy and food distractions. This was really mean because I just love food and it was all over the place and I was expected to just walk past the food. Dad wasn't paying attention and I almost got a cracker but dad reminded me that I shouldn't pick up things that are on the ground and I dropped it. All of the other puppies were really good at ignoring the toys and food. They even sat down while they were surrounded by food and they all just left it on the ground like they should have. After puppy class, we brought Keiko home to stay with us and Julimae went to Keiko's house. Mom and Dad told me it was good for guide dogs to spend time at the home of the other puppies. I hope I get to go somewhere soon.
Waiting for Puppy Class to Start

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jolly Ball

Julimae, Cruiser and I went outside to play. It was the funnest time EVER! I started playing by jumping on Cruiser but didn't realize that he was using the bathroom so he got a little grouchy. Then I chased Julimae around the yard. Julimae taught me a new game, its called Jolly Ball. Here's how it works; Julimae swings the ball around by the rope and I get hit in the head. I didn't really like it too much but Julimae thought it was great. I changed the rules to the game a little later. The new way of playing Jolly Ball is to have Julimae carry the jolly ball and I bite her ears and see how long I can hang on. She didn't like that too much so we just played tug, even Cruiser joined in during the tug game.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Look Out World!

I'm legal!!!
I had my last set of shots today and I'm ready to take on the world.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Brother's Big Night

Tonight is opening night for Guys and Dogs at the high school. My brother cruiser has been practicing a lot and Mitch says that he is really good. Dad says that if he doesn't hit his mark, he can just make his own.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Updates

My sister Julimae was fixed; Dad was kind of bummed that she didn’t come home looking like a satellitehead. Dad was planning on cancelling dish network and just hooking Julimae to the TV. He said that we could have picked up The Disney Channel because Julimae could have talked to Pluto.

I found something that I like almost as much as barking. I really like watching basketball. I just love the whistles and squeaking of shoes on the court. Dad works for the Utah Jazz so the only games I get to see are when the Jazz are out of town and Dad is home. It looks like I won’t get to see too many more games this year though because the Jazz aren’t playing very good this year. That’s ok though, I will get to spend more time with both Mom and Dad.

I should start to have more adventures soon and be able to write more soon. I will be legal soon and will get to go out in public starting on the 28th. The whole family has been trying to teach me how to walk on the leash and how to behave when I walk around our circle. I get really excited when I see our neighbors and sometimes I forget what I’ve been taught. I’m really trying though and I’m going to try my best to make my family proud.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Dad wasn’t kidding, not only did he take me to the doggie doctor, he took Julimae too. The doctor was really nice and called us both cute. I got to sit on the tall table while the doctor listened to my heart. I didn’t really like it when she gave me the shots but I was tough and pretended like it didn’t bother me. I wish I could say the same about Julimae; she got eye drops and acted like a drama queen.  

Speaking of drama; my big brother Cruiser is going to be in a play at the high school. He is playing the role of Cruiser the dog in the play Guys and Dogs. Best of all, I will get my last shots in time to go out in public and see my brother’s performance.

We also found out that I’m on breeder watch. Mom, Dad and Mitch are really excited about the news. I think I will be a good mommy. Dad says if I have puppies that they would be his and Mom’s grand monsters.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Silvana's sad day

Dad had to leave last night and go to a doctor for a sleep study and left me with Mom and Mitch. I got to sleep in Mitch’s room with my big sister Julimae. When Dad returned this morning, I had to be a really good girl while Dad washed the glue and tape out of his hair. Well, he calls it hair; I actually have more hair on my belly than he has on his head. I put the pictures so you know what I mean. Dad says that if I post the pictures that he will take me to the doggie doctor for something called shots. I hope they do an eating study instead. I think he is just trying to scare me so I’m going to post the pictures anyway.

Speaking of doggie doctors, Mitch got a letter yesterday from Guide Dogs for the Blind and it said that Julimae needed to be fixed. I don’t know what that means, I’ve play with Julimae and she doesn’t look broken to me. Everyone tried to explain it to me but I didn’t understand. The only thing I know is that Julimae won’t get to me a momma. I guess we won’t get to see her in jeans. It made me sad because Julimae would have been a great momma.