Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jolly Ball

Julimae, Cruiser and I went outside to play. It was the funnest time EVER! I started playing by jumping on Cruiser but didn't realize that he was using the bathroom so he got a little grouchy. Then I chased Julimae around the yard. Julimae taught me a new game, its called Jolly Ball. Here's how it works; Julimae swings the ball around by the rope and I get hit in the head. I didn't really like it too much but Julimae thought it was great. I changed the rules to the game a little later. The new way of playing Jolly Ball is to have Julimae carry the jolly ball and I bite her ears and see how long I can hang on. She didn't like that too much so we just played tug, even Cruiser joined in during the tug game.