Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Morning in Utah

Hi, Silvana again. I got up reallllly early this morning and had Scott take me outside. Once I was up, I didn’t want to go back to sleep, I wanted to play. Jeanette and Scott, who I’ve decided to call Mom and Dad, wanted to sleep some more so I decided to test them and threw a fit. I cried and barked and carried on for what seemed like a day but was probably only about an hour but Mom and Dad just let me go on crying and didn’t give in to me. I finally gave up and slept.
After the whole house got up and got fed, I got to play with Cruiser. I like him; he is just a little bit bigger than I am but he cheats when he plays, he throws his butt against me trying to knock me over. Cruiser also likes to tease the girls in the house. He gets to play with squeaky toys and will stay just far enough away that we can’t get him and squeaks and squeaks and squeaks.
I like my big sister Julimae, it is good to have another guide dog in the house, and she can teach me what I need to do in order to be a good guide. Scott, um Dad, tries to explain things to me and he told me that Julimae is on breeder watch. I don’t think I really understand what that means but Dad says that if Julimae looks good in jeans that she can be a momma. I hope she gets to be a momma, I think she would be really good at it. We still don’t know if I’m in breeder watch or not because my papers aren’t here yet but  even if I’m not in breeder watch I hope I look good in jeans too.

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