Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making New Friends

I met so many people yesterday that I’m having a hard time remembering everyone’s name. Mom’s friend Amber came over and she brought Owen with her. Owen is like a tiny little version of Mitch. And then Amanda came over and brought Kyle with her. Kyle is a guide dog pup too! I really liked playing with Kyle; I’ll have to see if I can play at meetings. Dad told me that I have to be on my best behavior at meetings but I’m going to see what I can get away with. After everyone left I was really tired and just had to go to sleep until dinner time. Awwww…dinner time. I love food.
Silvana completely wiped out. This is a very rare sight.


  1. Kyle and I both loved meeting you too! I don't know that you'll get to play with Kyle at meetings very often, but we'll have to arrange more play dates. :)

  2. Owen loved meeting Silvana (well kind of)! I sure hope Owen can help in Silvana's training. Maybe her eventual owner will have an Owen of their own!