Monday, July 18, 2011


I got to spend the whole weekend with Mitch at his Dad’s house. I got to meet Mitch’s nephew Ollie and Petey, that’s Mitch’s other dog. I liked Ollie; he walked me a lot. On the last day, Mom, Dad and Julimae came and picked up me and Mitch and we went to a movie. I’ve never been to a movie before and I was excited to see the show. First we had to get our tickets and snacks. I was walking with Dad and we had to go through a maze. When we got to the end, I thought we would get a reward but instead, Dad had to hand over a lot of money. It didn’t seem like a very fun game to me. Then we went into the theater, found our seats and waited for the movie. The movie started and scared me awake. I spent the next half hour watching the movie until I got tired and fell asleep again. My favorite part of the movie was when Dad spilled popcorn on my head. I was a good girl and didn’t eat any of it, that got me a lot of pets and love from Dad and that made me happy.

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