Sunday, August 5, 2012


Hi Everyone!
It has been three months since my last update and I have a lot to report. One of the instructors here at school helped me sneak out of the kennels so that I could go to the media room in the dorm to say hi.

In May, Mom, Dad and Mitch got me up really early and we drove to Ogden to meet the puppy truck. When we got there, Dad took me on a long walk and we stopped several times for pictures. Mom and Mitch took turns walking the other dogs that were also going back on the puppy truck while they waited for us. We were all pretty teary-eyed and it took dad a while before he was willing to take me to the truck. I kissed everyone goodbye and dad took me to the truck. I was sad to be leaving my family but I was also excited to begin my new adventure. Dad said a final goodbye and let Joe take me to one of the kennels in the truck. Joe and I became quick friends right around dinner time.

On the way, we stopped and stayed overnight in Eastern Oregon but the next day we arrived at the Guide Dog campus. I was really excited to be at my new school and to meet my new roommates. The campus is really beautiful and the people are really nice to us.

We all started going through medical evaluations but because I was on breeder watch, I had to go through a lot more. I was flying through the breeder evaluations until one day when the vet said that he didn’t think my heart was really into it. I would have liked to be a mommy but I knew that I would be a better guide. After it was decided that I wouldn’t be a breeder, they gave me the same operation that Julimae had while she lived with us in Utah. After my operation, I just got to take it easy for a couple of weeks while I healed.

After I was feeling better, I was put into classes with other dogs that were also training to be guide dogs.   On campus they call this a string, but I know from my other college experience that this is really called a study group.

My study group goes out a couple times a day and we have to learn a lot of stuff. There are eight training phases in all. Right now, I’m on phase 6 and it is getting tougher all the time. We learn about curbs, backing up, overhead obstacles, traffic, and how to ride the bus and train. We even get to walk on tread mills and get fitted for boots. The instructors are fun. In fact, they even teach us to disobey when we feel that it isn’t safe to obey.

A few of the dogs that I’ve made friends with here at school are starting to graduate and I know it won’t be long until it will be my turn. I had to already say bye to two friends from my puppy club. Tartan has decided that traffic is just too scary and he has dropped out. Rio has been accepted into home training and will get to finish his degree from home. Stan, Athens, Mozart and Roscoe are all here too which makes me feel good knowing that I’m not here alone.

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