Saturday, August 20, 2011


I was given some good and bad news this week. The WHOLE family is going back to college. I will get to go to three different schools this year. I will be attending high school with Mitch, who will be taking additional college courses as well. I'll be going to UVU with Mom. Dad will be going to something he calls 13th grade at a place called SLCC and he will take me when he can. Dad says that I will be going to school so much that I can someday be the Vale-dog-torian. Dad made me type that because he thinks he is funny.

We also heard that Julimae will be going back to Guide Dog College in Oregon. I think she is really smart and will do a fine job but I'm going to miss her. I only have another week to play with her and Dad has already planned extra time for us. I love my big sister and she has taught me a lot. She taught me how to show off my toys, how to follow another dog while at the same time sharing a rope, and how to race to the jolly ball. I'm really going to miss her but I'll still have my brother Cruiser to play with in the back yard.

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