Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodbye Julimae

Today was a very sad day for me. My sister Julimae had to leave for Guide Dog College. We got up really early and had to drive to the puppy truck. When we got there we got to meet a whole lot of other dogs that were also going to college. There was Jacinda, Antigua and Keiko from our group that was going with Julimae. And there were also a lot of Julimae’s litter mates that were going back as well. I got to meet Jorinda, Joe, Joliet, and June. I’m glad that Julimae will be with dogs that she knows. Maybe they can study together.
I love my big sister and everything that she did for me and everything that she taught me.
She would take me on a walk around the backyard.

She taught me that the toys belong to her but it was OK if I played with them.

She taught me that car rides can be fun.

She taught me that it is ok to sleep during school because Mitch is really smart and does all of the work.

She taught me that there are just times where you had to dress up.

She taught me that there were times when you just had to humor old people.

She taught me that it is NOT impossible to be pretty all of the time.

And even though she was young like me once…

Eventually you grow up and leave for College.