Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fire House

We had a pretty exciting puppy meeting this week. We went to Eagle Mountain's fire house. We got to meet some of the fire fighters, see the trucks and we all got our own fire helmets. One of the fire fighters put on his equipment and played with all of us. I thought he sounded really funny. He was wearing a mask and it made a funny wooshing sound. He tried to talk while we played and he sounded like the bad guy from Star Wars. He was wearing a helmet just like mine so he was OK with me.

After we were all worn out from playing, we went outside and heard the siren from the big truck. I thought the lights were pretty cool but I liked the horn a lot better.

We even tried to take a group picture. I'll let you decide how THAT turned out.
Silvana trying to hide her face during the group picture

Training update: Julimae and Antigua are in phase 6. Snickers is in phase 0, and Lacole and Keiko went back today.


  1. Interestingly, I looked in the reflections in the window and there doesn't appear to be a photographer. That must mean you're a vampire!