Monday, November 7, 2011


Yesterday I couldn't sleep and I felt that since I couldn't sleep neither could Dad. I started to pace in my kennel and chew my toys really loud until Dad woke. He got out of bed and looked outside and told me that he had a surprise for me. I didn't know what it would be but I followed him downstairs and instead of going out the front door, he took me to the back door and let me out. It was SNOWING! I haven't seen snow in a long time but I knew what to do. I tore out across the back lawn at full speed and tried to catch every snowflake I could. I stayed out for a long time before I realized that snow wasn't sticking on the ground but that I was covered. That was when I decided that it was time to come in and share the snow with the cat by shaking it all off on him.

Training update: Juliemae is in phase 5 and Antigua skipped phase 4 and went right to 5.

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  1. OMD, SNOW??
    Gosh, we won't get any of that till (at least) January!