Monday, September 26, 2011

Things I learned at School

I've been really busy with school and I have learned a lot already. I have learned that I can fit under a desk quite easily but that I can't see everyone. I've caught on very quickly that the halls are crowded and people don't watch where they are walking. I learned that not everyone with a beard in high school is a teacher. The first settlement was Jamestown and the formula to calculate the weight of air at any given altitude.

I was also in school when I found out that Mom has special needs. At least that is what the woman from the student government said about her. I tried to figure out what Mom's special need was and the best that I can figure is that Mom's special need is for a Math tutor. I try to help her by nudging her leg when she forgets that she needs to use the slope intercept form but I don't think she understands what I'm trying to tell her. Mom seems to be catching on to things now though.

I have to go now; I have a paper to write and some very important guide dog stuff to do.

Training update: Julimae and Jacinda are still in phase 0. Clyde is in phase 5 and Kyle is in phase 8. Antigua will be training as a guide now.

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