Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas and New Years

A lot has happened over the last few weeks. First I got to learn about Christmas. Christmas is when families come together and share their love for one another. There might be more to it but that was what I learned from observing my family. It was really fun. On the night before Christmas; Dad told me about Santa. I had already met Santa in the mall but dad told me more about him. Like how Santa travels all across the world bringing toys to all of the good little dogs and cats in the world in his magical sleigh that is pulled by Labs. Dad said that there were even a few Golden Retrievers and Lab/Golden crosses that help too. And how at the very front, was a guide dog puppy, so Santa didn't lose his way as he traveled throughout the world.  I was wishing that I could have guided Santa's sleigh, but, I was happy at home hearing the stories that dad was telling. After a while, I started to get sleepy and I wanted to go to my kennel to sleep. Dad told me that I should stay upstairs with him and mom so that Santa could visit our house and leave his presents for me, Cruiser and even the cat. Dad was pretty sure that the cat would get coal again this year so the family got him something so he wouldn't feel left out.

As I slept that night I was awakened by something that sounded like dog tags jingling against each other. I thought it was just Cruiser so I went back to bed. The next morning when I woke up, I forgot all about it being Christmas and began to focus on the important things...FOOD. As dad took me outside, I saw that someone had been in the house and left things for all of us. I saw a funny sock with my name on it and it was bulging so much that I thought it was going to pop. There was one for Cruiser and Rocky Cat too.
After we all ate, we sat around and opened the presents. I got some pretty cool toys and I couldn't wait to play with them. I got in my bed and played the rest of the day and into night before falling asleep.

A week passed and dad was really happy to get another day off. He said it was for New Year's day. Mom made dad and me go to the store and everyone there told me happy New Year. My new year was three weeks earlier when I turned one. I was already three weeks into my second year and I was a little offended that everyone had forgotten my birthday already. I just wagged at them and went about my business of walking around the store with dad. Pretty soon we were back at home and I was enjoying my Christmas toys again.

Training update: Antigua is in class!!! She will graduate on the 14th. Snickers is in Phase 8...Way to go Snickers. Lacole is in Phase 3 and Keiko is in phase 4. I'm very proud of my puppy club friends.

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