Sunday, January 15, 2012

Big News!!

I'm getting a little sister on Wednesday. No one knows much about her yet. What we do know is that she is a yellow dog and her name starts with "S", just like me. I bet dad gets really confused at first and will call me by the puppy's name. We also know that she was born in San Rafael and that she will be flying and not coming on a puppy truck. Just like me. We have so much in common already, I know I'm just going to love her. Dad said that I have to be a good sister and teach her things just like Julimae taught me. I already know the first thing that I'm going to teach her. The toys are mine but she can play with them whenever she wants. I will also take her on walks around the backyard. 

Our puppy club has been playing the guessing game. That is where they try to guess the puppy's name. I'm not sure what they win but it sure is fun hearing of all of the names that have been guessed. Mitch's choice is Sarsaparilla. A lot of people want the new puppy to be named Sarsaparilla. That way, people can say 'here comes Silly and Sassy' whenever we go out in public.

We also had some really great news at the last puppy meeting. Snickers was placed in class and he graduated with Antigua on Jan. 14th. We hear that their partners are just wonderful and that they are already making great teams.

Training update. Lacole is in phase 3 and Keiko is in phase 5. I'm proud to say that Antigua and Snickers graduated on Jan 14th. It is so good to see my friends doing so well.