Friday, January 20, 2012

My Little Sister

I have a new little sister, her name is Sharla and she is reallly little and reallly cute. We went to the airport and got her on Wednesday. It was a really fun adventure. I went with mom and together we checked Mitch out of school and went to the airport. When we got there, dad was waiting for us. I dragged Mitch over to dad because I was pretty excited. We waited at the same spot where I was delivered for a long time and there was no sign of any other dogs. Dad and I walked around the baggage claim area and there were people coming and going like mad around there. No one was expecting me to be in the airport and I almost got ran over a couple of times. Dad protected me when he thought that people were getting too close and I'm happy to say that I'm still in one piece. We went back and found mom and Mitch and waited some more. Mom got tired of waiting and started making phone calls to find out where my little sister went. She finally found out that she was at a different part of the airport. So, we all went out, got in the cars and went to find my sister. We finally found her and we made our introductions. Everyone was pretty excited but Mitch was the most excited of all of us.
Mitch and Sharla

I love my new little sister and I know that we will be good friends. We are already playing with each other and we already share clothes and do all of the things that sisters do.

Sharla in Silvana's clothes

Cruiser is taking his role as a big brother very seriously. Every time he hears a noise, he comes running and checks on his girls. I even think the cat likes her, even though he starts to hiss like he is losing air, whenever Sharla goes near him.

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  1. So cute!!
    I think I may be catching Puppy Fever! Oh no!