Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hi Everyone,
I haven't been feeling good and I didn't feel like writing. But now that I'm feeling better I figured I would catch up with what I've been doing.

I wasn't able to go out for the last three weeks. Mom took me to the doggy doctor and the doctor made me all better. Most of the time while I just slept because I wasn't feeling good and Dad let me sleep next to him in my brother Cruiser's bed. I really like doing that even though I had to wake dad a few times each night to go outside. We've been lucky with the weather and it wasn't too cold on me and dad at night.

The thing I hated the most about being sick was taking the pills. I found that peanut butter can help get anything to go down. I fell behind on my school work and my outings too. It took me a week to remember what I needed to do on outings because I got totally spoiled. Dad says that I'm back to being a perfect little girl.

The thing I missed most was playing with my little sister Sharla. The first thing I did once I got feeling better was to take her on a walk around the backyard. I love my little sister but she gets away with a lot of naughty things. The other day, she spoiled her dinner by filling up on homework... MOM'S homework! I thought mom was going to be mad but all she did was take pictures. I think mom is trying to convince the teacher to accept the assignment anyway.
Mmmm Homework

Training update! Keiko and Lacole are in class!!! I'm so happy for both of them.

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