Sunday, April 17, 2011

Going to work with Mom

On Friday, I got to go to work with Mommy for the first time. Now I know why Julimae likes to go to work with Mommy. She works in a place that does something called Physical Therapy but it just sounded like they were having people do funny things like something called a “dead bug”. I really liked the people there and new ones came and went all day long! I wagged at everyone to let them know they were welcome and to show them what a good girl I was. My favorite person was a little boy named Ben. He is special. He is 6 but he was sick a few years ago and now he is learning how to walk and do lots of other things again. He was very sad when he came on Friday. He was crying and trying to tell his Mommy he didn’t want to do therapy cause he was tired. So Steve, the therapist, came and told me that Ben needed some puppy therapy. I felt so important! I went and met him and gave him a kiss on his hand and that made him smile. Then he bent over and wanted me to give him a kiss on his face. I know I am not supposed to but Mommy said it was ok because it really makes Ben happy. He laughed when I kissed him. Then he was happy to go do his therapy. He came to see me again before he left and I kissed him on the ear just to make him laugh again. I think they should do puppy therapy for all of their people.
I hope I get to go back again soon. 

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