Monday, April 11, 2011

Silvana's Busy Week

Wow! Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while I’ve just been so busy. I knew my life would change after I had my final set of shots but I didn’t know it would change this much. It was a very busy week. Dad and I went to a different grocery store and they had a dog and cat aisle. Dad let me pick out a new toy for me and Julimae. I was so proud of my new toy that I carried it through the store right up until we saw Lauren. Lauren, who works at the store, is part of our puppy group and is Clyde’s mom. I took this opportunity to throw a fit about my Halti and started rolling on the floor trying to get it off my nose. Dad wasn’t too happy so we just went and paid for our stuff. The cashier wasn’t very happy about the soggy toy that Dad gave her but she still said I was cute.

Riding in Dad's car

The next night was really exciting. We went and watched my big brother’s play. Cruiser was a shining star up on stage. I still don’t know why it was called Guys and Dogs; Cruiser was the only dog on stage. I have to admit though that I slept through most of it. Mom and Dad woke me up whenever Cruiser was on stage so I could see him though.

Cruiser with Ashley and Kyle at Guys and Dogs

Then we went to a craft store the next night and just wandered around for about an hour. I liked it in there too. No one bothered me but they all looked at me and Julimae and said how pretty we were. I got tired at the end and tried to go to sleep every time we stopped to look at something.

The next night, Dad had to work at a Jazz game so I just stayed at home waiting for him to get home. He came home really late and told me good night and then fed me the next morning and got me ready to go to work with Mom. I’ll write more about that later. It is a story all by itself.

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