Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Mall

Mom and Dad had to take Mom’s car to the mechanic and I went with them. When we got there, Dad got me out of the car and got me dressed. As we were leaving to get in Dad’s car, someone called me a cute boy, I didn’t like that so I didn’t wag at him.
After we left the mechanic, we went to something called a mall. The mall is just a big place with a lot of different types of stores inside. Mom said that girls like the mall and that we should go there a lot. Dad just grumbled at the thought of that. Good thing for Dad that the stores the mall weren’t open. We just wandered around the mall looking into the windows at the dark stores. It was really neat; every store was selling dogs that looked exactly like me. The other dogs had the same green jacket and the exact same tags as mine. The only difference I could see was that the words on their jackets and tags were spelled backwards. I was very nice to all of the other dogs in the mall and I wagged at every one of them. As we walked, more and more people started coming in and opening their stores. There was one girl there that had a train. Mom and Dad thought it would be neat to put me in the train and take my picture. The girl said it would be OK and opened the door for me. I was kind of bummed that I couldn’t ride the train but I did get to ride in the elevator.
Silvana on the train

Mom wanted to keep looking around mall after the stores opened, so Dad and I went and sat on the bench and waited for Mom to finish. It was so nice and quiet there that I went to sleep.  After Mom was finished, we decided to do one more lap and go home. That’s when Mom was distracted by a place that takes your picture. Mom talked to the lady there for a long time and even won something from the store. Mom said that we would go back and she would get a picture of both of her girls. Dad thought it would be a good idea to keep me outside of the store while we waited because there were a lot of people. I think it is because he likes to show me off but he calls it training. While we were waiting for Mom to finish at the picture place, a couple of little kids started to come at me and they had sticky donut hands. Dad was quick and told their Mom that I was working and she moved the kids away from me. Thank you Dad for not letting them pet me.   

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