Sunday, June 5, 2011

Carnival and Puppy Evals

I live in a pretty fun city. We have a big party, called Pony Express Days, every year that lasts a whole week. They have concerts and food and carnivals and food and cookouts and food and helicopter rides and food. This year they even had a rodeo and crunch car derby. We didn’t go but Dad explained them to me. He said that cowboys, who are men with big belt buckles, ride on huge overgrown cows. He told me that the crunch car derbies are where cars get into accidents on purpose. When I have an accident, it usually involves Mom or Dad taking out a poop bag. I can’t imagine that a person would make their car have an accident on purpose. Those must be some pretty big poop bags.
Dad took me on a walk to our park only this time we didn’t just walk around it on the sidewalk. He took me on the grass to the carnival and we walked around through the food booths and games but didn’t go by the rides. There were people all over the park and everyone was having a really good time. I was taken away with all of the noise and excitement but I still followed my commands and showed people I was a good girl. When we got away from the games we walked toward the most wonderful smell ever. Dad told me it was barbeque. I didn’t get to have any but I sure liked it there and I didn’t want to leave. Good thing for me that the Captain of the fire department came out and talked with Dad. It gave me a chance to soak up some more of those wonderful smells. The Captain invited us to visit the firehouse and Dad asked if we could bring all of the other puppies and the Captain said that we could. After we left the wonderful smell of the barbeque, we stopped and watched a boy sing a song. He wasn’t very good but I wagged when he was finished to make him feel like he had done a good job. When we got home, Dad told me what a good girl I was and took Julimae to the park for her turn.
The day after the carnival; Julimae and I had to go to puppy evals. I got to meet Barb. Barb was supposed to have given me to Mom, Dad and Mitch when I first got to Utah, but things change and I had to fly instead. Barb was very nice and greeted us as we came through the door. I was told to be on my very best behavior so I didn’t jump on her and give her kisses like I do when my family comes home. We waited and Jacinda, Antigua, Keiko and Mozart, who is new to our club, joined us. I was tired and fell asleep but I heard my name and woke up. They were talking about what a good girl I was and things where I needed to improve. After we were finished, we went on a walk and that was pretty fun. I got to play dance, dance revolution and sit with Dad in a racecar game in the arcade. We won both games, or at least I think we did, everyone was really happy after we stopped playing.  We then went on top of this big scary grate and walked on the curb near traffic and the train that I rode on the week before. Then we went up these stairs that scared me. I didn’t want to go but Dad said that it was OK and I went…Twice. Once I got up to the landing, I got to look over the side at everyone. I could see that Mom and Julimae were really proud of me.
Dad was really happy and he said that he had a special treat for me on Tuesday. That is the day I turn six months old. I don’t know what we have planned but I know I will have fun.

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