Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Puppy Truck

The other day I got to go with Mitch and Mom to the puppy truck. I’ve never seen the puppy truck before because I came to Utah on an airplane. The truck had the biggest puppies that I had ever seen on the side of it. I’m glad they don’t live at my house because they would squash me when we play. The puppies that they took out of the truck were really small. It reminded me that I’m a big girl now. Everyone kept holding the puppies but I got to meet a couple of them. One lucky puppy got to eat right there in the parking lot. Me and Julimae and Breeze and Lacole watched him very carefully to make sure that he ate everything in the bowl. I offered to help but I was told that the puppy had everything under control. Julimae and I then said goodbye to everyone. We had to say a special goodbye to Breeze because she is going back to school to learn to be a guide. Julimae and I will miss Breeze but Dad says that we can keep track of her and Kyle on the list of friends that are in school.

We will get to see the new puppies at our meetings soon. Dad says that I have to be an example for the other pups and he would prefer it if I was a good example. I’ll see what I can do Dad. Welcome to Utah Hazelle and Stan. And a late welcome to Mozart, Athens, Roscoe and Tartan.

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  1. The puppy truck sounds like it couldn't possibly exist in the real world. Too magical. =)