Friday, June 3, 2011

Public Transportation

Mom and Dad took me and Julimae on the train. Dad said that I handled it like a pro but I do have to say that the train did scare me just a little. We got to the lot and Julimae and I took care of our business and we headed to the train platform to buy Mom’s ticket. After we got Mom’s ticket, we went to the train and the doors opened with this strange high pitch noise. It kind of hurt my ears. Dad went up the stairs first and told me “let’s go” but the stairs were really steep and I was a little afraid of them. Once I got going I was fine. Dad and I found a nice seat for everyone. I wanted to relax during the ride but Julimae wanted to look around. As Julimae was looking around, she stepped on my ears a few times, which made it hard to sleep. At each stop, some people got on the train and some people got off the train. I wagged at everyone to tell them hi or goodbye. When we got to our stop, we got off and I got to see where Dad works at night. It looks just like it does on TV. Julimae had been there before but she wasn’t very excited about it because she doesn’t watch basketball like I do.
We then went to the Mall which made Mom and Julimae happy. While we were waiting to cross the street, we saw another guide dog puppy in training going into the mall. We caught up to them and found out that it was Paulson from the Park City group. I wagged and wagged and wanted to play but Dad told me “that’s enough” and I knew that I had to sit and be good. We then wandered around the mall for a little bit and Dad took us to the water deck and we played in the water for as long as we could before we had to leave.
Silvana at the Gateway

After we got on the train for the ride home, Julimae and I were just too tired to care what was going on around us and we took a nap until it was time to get off the train. I used Mom’s foot as a pillow and Julimae used me as a pillow. It was a pretty fun day.
Our tired girls sacked out on the train

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